Communication Self-Development
August 18, 2017

Communication: Redefined

Nowadays, we often hear/read/talk about communication. There are oodles of blog posts, articles, discussions, books and documentaries about communication. We communicate through instant messaging, phone calls, indirect or direct. Communication...
Streets of Naples Travel
August 11, 2017


To be honest, I heard of Naples' dirtiness before but I had no clue! I thought that after Rome nothing can shock me. In Rome the streets are already full...
Coloseum Travel
August 4, 2017


After some breathtaking days in La Spezia, where I enjoyed the view and the seaside experience I had no clue that Rome is even more exciting. Although, in a whole...
July 30, 2017

La Spezia & Cinque Terre

This summer I went to Italy to experience "La Bella Vita". After I had spent some lovely days with friends at the house of a friend’s sister in Bologna, I...
July 30, 2017


Travel, one of the trends of our time, often isn’t what it could be: The exploration of the world AND ourselves. I always was interested in different cultures and because...
Bridge in La Spezia Self-Development
July 29, 2017


What is this mystical thing I write about on my blog? Self-Development is the process of trying to become a better version of yourself. Unlike many other processes which have...