September 29, 2017


Another week, another city! Last weekend it was time to visit Monza. Home of the famous Formula One racing circuit and an impressing park, the little city of Monza is...
September 22, 2017


Since my Interrail-trip in June, I wanted to see Lago di Como by myself. Back then, I enjoyed the view from inside of the train above the lake a lot...
mental bandwidth Self-Development
September 15, 2017

Want to become an achiever? Know your mental bandwidth!

Some wonder, how others can achieve more with less effort in less time. They wonder how others can be truly successful and live their dreams. Are you such kind of...
Famous sight of Naples Self-Development
September 8, 2017

Moral bedrock

Two weeks ago, I explained the importance of values and their possible influence on our lives. As I promised, now, I want to give you a place, where all of...
Eiffel Tower Travel
September 1, 2017


After visiting Italy in June this year, I wanted to give France a shot. Paris, one of the best-known metropolises of the world and the city of love should be...
Rome Self-Development
August 25, 2017


In my last post, I mentioned the intrinsically influencing factors of our communication. The reasons why sometimes it seems like we have no control about our words. Why we act...
Communication Self-Development
August 18, 2017

Communication: Redefined

Nowadays, we often hear/read/talk about communication. There are oodles of blog posts, articles, discussions, books and documentaries about communication. We communicate through instant messaging, phone calls, indirect or direct. Communication...
Streets of Naples Travel
August 11, 2017


To be honest, I heard of Naples' dirtiness before but I had no clue! I thought that after Rome nothing can shock me. In Rome the streets are already full...
Coloseum Travel
August 4, 2017


After some breathtaking days in La Spezia, where I enjoyed the view and the seaside experience I had no clue that Rome is even more exciting. Although, in a whole...