Tim Schroeder
Tim Schröder


I’m a 22-year-old, sporty student from Germany, exploring the world with all its fascinating aspects. No matter if sunsets, beaches, cities, jungles, clouds, waves, deserts or landscapes, I want to see them all!

I always look for new adventures. Especially in 2016, as I felt stuck in life I decided to start the adventure of a life-time: Walking on the way of Self-Development.

I decided that I want to change my life to the better and make the people around me profit from it.

Starting my Self-Development journey made me pursuing the best version possible of me. On this path, I learn new things about me, my behavior and other people every day and try to combine all this knowledge to create value for others.

This means, with this blog, on the one hand I want to help you to break your inner chains and start your own way of Self-Development and on the other hand I want to give you my best tips and tricks for travelling and how it can bring you further in life.
Therefore, my goal is to create valuable content that combines my personal experiences and top knowledge in the topics Self-Development and Travel to give you the best experience in improving your life and experiencing the most beautiful spots on this earth.

For further information about the sections of my blog visit Travel & Self-Development.
If you want to know more about me feel free to send me a message, an e-mail or leave a comment.