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The importance of deconstructing a challenge

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Did you know that destructing challenges is essential to achieve what you want? Me neither. Although often, I did this before in my life. But until a few weeks ago,...

Valentine’s Day

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Disclaimer: This post was written by a single. A person without a partner. With a certain point of view on consumerism and on the whole „I need someone by my...

Spontaneity: The single one thing time-management is ignoring

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Spontaneity. We all know how to define or describe this noun, but almost nobody of us is living it. With the rise of Self-Optimization and time-management courses spontaneity is on...

5 surefire ways to leave a negative state of mind

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A negative state of mind. We all know it. And we all know how hard it is to leave such a negative state of mind. How you can focus on...

A knock-out I needed

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Knock-out. That’s how I could describe my state of health over the last few days. Last weekend a cold hit me so hard that I had no choice but laying...

Why most people struggle to create

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I struggled to create. To be a creator. To fill a blank sheet of paper, with ideas, words or any meaning. I had no idea what to write, draw or...

Self-Optimization vs. Self-Development

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Self-Optimization. The current hype that involves a lot of sweat, tears, anger, anxiety and the endless strive for success. At least this is how I would describe Self-Optimization after I’ve...

Are you still trying to impress people you don’t like?

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Who of us didn’t want to impress someone we don’t like just to feel better? I did. And I know you did too. In the past, I tried to have...
mental breathing

Mental breathing

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While I was meditating the other day, I wondered what the process of breathing is all about. After I listened to myself, I started understanding that breathing is about two...

The problem with New Year’s resolutions

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Who didn’t experience a point in his life where a new year equaled new resolutions? A start to a fresh year, where we felt like we want to rewrite our...


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After I had traveled to Amsterdam and spent my New Years Eve over there with my family, today I came back to reality with spending the second day of 2018...

Are you still wasting money on material things?

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We are in the middle of the holiday time. After the notorious Black Friday, when people go crazy about getting the best deals and spending thousands of dollars on stuff...

How to become more confident, today!

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Gotcha. There isn’t any method, plan, advice or way to follow that can make you confident today. I’m afraid to tell you that, but unfortunately it is true. There is...
3 mistakes

3 mistakes I made recently, you should avoid

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During the last couple weeks, I caught myself several times doing 3 mistakes. Instead of being present in the given moment, I shifted away and struggled to be part of...
there is no path to follow

There is no path to follow

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On the search for the path I should follow in life I stumbled across a lot of different opinions, mindsets, world-views and persons. There was minimalism, the fitness lifestyle, the...

Why you shouldn’t take for granted what authorities have to say

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After coming more and more to grips with myself over the last year, I discovered a lot of hidden fears and anxieties. Buried inside of me, I saw there are...

The dangerous appeal of task-switching

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Funnily enough, I wrote this post after I have started 3 other blog posts but got stuck while writing. Do you know the appeal to switch a task, when you...

Why change is necessary

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Who thought that I would say that? Most people who knew me for a long time, wouldn’t agree that I have always thought like that. It was quite the opposite....
Italy photo diary part 1

Future anxiety

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“Will I have enough money, once I have retired?” “What if I won’t find a job after university?” “What if I don’t find someone who wants to marry me?” Three...
italy photo diary part 2

Flexibility is key

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Why the performer of the future needs flexibility It is often described as part of a personality, but flexibility means more than being willed to fly to a different country...
improve your focus

My personal top 7 tips to improve your focus

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In my last post, I explained why focus is so important to become successful and how you can get 2 hours and 15 minutes more per day. In addition to...


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Imagine, you have 2 hours and 15 minutes more per day: Somebody gives you this time and you can use it the way you want. What would you do? Would...
Italy photo diary part 1

Working abroad

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Due to my apprenticeship in a company, I had the chance to spend 5 weeks working abroad in Italy. But, these 5 weeks, were more than just doing the same...
mental bandwidth

Mental bandwidth

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Some wonder, how others can achieve more with less effort in less time. They wonder how others can be truly successful and live their dreams. Are you such kind of...
Famous sight of Naples

Moral bedrock

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Two weeks ago, I explained the importance of values and their possible influence on our lives. As I promised, now, I want to give you a place, where all of...


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In my last post, I mentioned the intrinsically influencing factors of our communication. The reasons why sometimes it seems like we have no control about our words. Why we act...

Communication: Redefined

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Nowadays, we often hear/read/talk about communication. There are oodles of blog posts, articles, discussions, books and documentaries about communication. We communicate through instant messaging, phone calls, indirect or direct. Communication...
Bridge in La Spezia


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What is this mystical thing I write about on my blog? Self-Development is the process of trying to become a better version of yourself. Unlike many other processes which have...