While I was meditating the other day, I wondered what the process of breathing is all about. After I listened to myself, I started understanding that breathing is about two contrary processes. Breathing in and breathing out. You absorb the air around you, to supply your body with oxygen. With this, you secure the blood circulation within your body. But that is the obvious. What isn’t obvious is your ability to implement this principle in other areas of your life.

Breathe in, breathe out

Think about your mindset and your attitude. Do you have any idea, how you can use this natural principle there? No? It is simple: Breathing equals absorbing the necessary resources you need to enable your body to work properly. Now, imagine you can do this for your mindset.

Mental breathing

You decide which information gets absorbed from your brain to enable your mindset to work properly. Every day. Every day you have the choice to turn off the TV-Shows that won’t help you much, the people that demotivate you and your own fears, anxieties and doubts. You have the choice to become aware of the influences that decrease the amount of fresh air available.

I mean, why would you want to live in an area, where the air is extremely polluted? You would know, that you hurt your body every time you breathe. And you would give your best to avoid this toxic air. Think about the people in Beijing wearing masks. They try to give their best to avoid the air. But which method is better than wearing a mask, while still being exploited to all the pollution?

Avoid the pollution

Instead of trying to avoid the worst and hope for the best, you can look for a place, where you can breathe the best air available. Like a forest or at a lake. A place, where the air is clean and you exactly know that your body can make the best of the supplied oxygen.

The same goes for your mental breathing. Why should you hurt your body with opinions, worldviews and other negative and polluted influences, when you want to stay healthy? Why would you watch the news, although they tell you the same negative stuff all day long? Why would you watch “Reality TV”- shows which show negative situations all the time? Or to put it simple: Why would you expose yourself to negative, demotivating and depressing influences on a daily basis?

Find your own forest

Find places or situations where you can be yourself. Where you can find your inner balance and silence. Find people who are keen to support and help you. The ones that truly care about your well-being. Also, find people who inspire you with their ideas, mindsets and achievements. You have the choice to filter out the unnecessary. Use this choice to supply your mindset with the best oxygen available:

Breathe in all the positive things in your life. Be grateful for the small moments that make you happy. The big successes you have achieved. And all the experiences you will remember forever.

Breathe in your personal freedom, your free choice, your independent opinion and your very own way of life. Everything what makes you the person you are.

Breathe in your differentness, your individuality and the way you look at the world. Breathe in all your little errors and become aware of them. Be grateful for being imperfect and embrace your strengths to help others.

Breathe in the good vibes of others, the positive mindsets you meet and the support you get along your way. All the kindness in the world, all the help and all the hope.

Breathe in to feel alive. To avoid fading in the pale mass of averageness. To feel your individual power to change the world. As person with ideas, emotions, inspirations and helpfulness.

Breathe in to stay focused on yourself, to avoid the noise around you. Breathe in to silence the inner noise, too. To feel the given moment and to be able to create another unforgettable memory about it.

Breathe in to make you feel bigger and more powerful. To prepare yourself for the next task. The next challenge to tackle. To be courageous enough to start the way of Self-Development and getting confident.

Breathe in to become aware of what you got, what you are and where you will go. To understand that your life is a precious gift. A gift you should make the best out of it.

All these positive aspects are things that empower, support or enable you to become a better person and to see the positivity in your life. You can consciously choose to breathe them in and supply your body with these resources. But like in the process of natural breathing, there is also a counter process of breathing in: breathing out.

The logical assumption that when you breathe in the good, you need to breathe out the bad, is right. Here are some of the factors I breathe out to keep my mindset healthy:

Breathe out the hate, the racism and all the tragedies that sadly still encounter our earth.

Breathe out the inner fears, anxieties and doubts you face.

Breathe out the uncertainty about becoming who you want to be and yourself.

Breathe out the toxic persons, sabotaging your life and all the negative influences you encounter in your daily life.

Don’t let yourself get dragged down by the mentioned aspects. As you can see, there is so much beauty and positivity in this world, that all of us have the choice to supply our mindset with the best resources available. Don’t hesitate to think about what you need to supply your mindset with and start overthinking why it is important to give yourself the best fuel you can get.

Like natural breathing, mental breathing is automated. Therefore, you need to remind yourself, to avoid falling into a pattern of breathing in negative aspects and breathing out positive aspects. Review yourself on a daily basis, to find out if you are still on track. Here, are 3 questions, I ask myself to find out, if I my way of mental breathing is still working:

  • Am I wasting time on focusing on stuff I don’t care about?
  • What am I grateful for?
  • Is this relevant to me and my life?

Use these 3 questions to find out whether you should breathe something in or out. And make up your own, individual questions to increase your personal awareness of positive and negative influences in your life. With doing this, you enable yourself to create a sustainable way of building a mindset of greatness, about which I will tell you something in the future.

But for now, answer me a simple question:
What do you think about this process of mental breathing?