Who thought that I would say that? Most people who knew me for a long time, wouldn’t agree that I have always thought like that. It was quite the opposite. In the past, I looked at change as something exhausting. As action, which can’t bring something positive. At least, I thought this unconsciously.

Change = a lot of exhausting actions

I thought that change means letting behind everything I know, to embrace the unknown. That it equals a lot of input without knowing how big the output will be. I thought it would represent a risk. A risk without having a chance to win something.

Why do I need to change, when life is ok?

This is the question I asked myself. Why do I have to start the struggles of learning or implementing something new, when life is ok? I was okay with my situation. One of the best in my highschool-class, I had a girlfriend, was captain of a football team and started to build the body I want. My life was ok, not spectacular, but just fine. Why should I take the risk of changing?

In such a situation, I didn’t want to change

But what happens, when the conditions get altered? What happens, when life isn’t okay anymore? Over time, I felt unsatisfied with my relationship, the studies I have started and my progress in terms of my body. All of the things, that were OK in the past, seemed to fade. They seemed to become worse and worse on a daily basis.

Then, the bomb went off

Break-up. This was the point I realized that I did some huge mistakes. Not the typical ones, like sleeping with another woman or shouting at my ex. Instead, I got stuck in a negative way of thinking. I noticed that my thoughts went always in the same direction. Dissatisfaction.

I felt horrible about that

But, I didn’t know, what to do. I had no idea, how I can improve my situation. Then, last year in September, I consciously came across Self-Development for the first time. I missed a seminar at university and had to write a paper. The topic was within the field of communication, for which I must read a book called “I’m OK – You’re OK.” As soon as I started reading it, I realized that change isn’t only something positive:

Change is something necessary

I realized that for the achievement of self-satisfaction, I need to change. I saw my future-self got stuck in my current mindset of a stubborn. Unable to move forward, unable to live the way I want to live. I feared that I get stuck in this situation forever. Unable to move out of my dissatisfaction. Unable to change. I understood that the way I was thinking at this time, is predestined to fail. I was stubborn, cold and reserved. Without change, I won’t be able to live my life in satisfaction.

Seeing the chances in change

I saw that change is all about chances. Chances to alter things. Chances to become the person I want to be and live the way I want to live. But, I also realized that without doing something, I won’t achieve anything. My narrow-mindedness, my intolerance, my dissatisfaction and my overall negative way of thinking stood in my way to become who I want to be.

Some events in our lives need a different version of ourselves, as the one we are right now

I realized that I would be inconsolable when I would miss these events, just because of my inability to see the chances in change. Also, I understood that fearing change will make things worse. Therefore, I declared all of the aforementioned as my weaknesses I want to overcome to grow stronger.

Starting an ever-lasting progress

I knew that wishing for the best isn’t helpful to become the person I want to be. I had to take action. Therefore, I started reviewing myself, my mind and my way of thinking. I committed to a life of change. A life of altering the conditions and myself the way I want and need to become the best version of myself. A life of Self-Development.

After telling you all of this, what is change for me?

For me, change is your chance. Your chance to achieve everything you want. It is your risk, you should take to live the life you want to live. Your opportunity, to overcome your fears and strengthen yourself.

It isn’t something easy. Actually, most of the time change is tough and tedious. It is uncomfortable and probably you will lose some of your friends, because they hold on old opinions. Still, it is worth it. It is worth to change yourself to the better, as it is also worth it to become open-minded, tolerating and accepting other people’s opinions and views. Because, you will never know what will happen.

In the end, change is your chance to grow yourself. To become more tomorrow, than you were yesterday. Don’t fear it. Don’t waste it.