Two weeks ago, I explained the importance of values and their possible influence on our lives. As I promised, now, I want to give you a place, where all of your values are collected. A Moral bedrock. Therefore, with this post I want to explain what a Moral bedrock is and why you should build your own.

If I ask you to build a house without a bedrock, you would consider me silly. But unfortunately, only a few people would recognize that with life it’s the same. Everyone wants to have a successful life, but few know what successful means to them. A minority is aware of their values and goals in life and how to pursue them. The majority is pinballing through life, without actively knowing why they do what they do. They are on auto-pilot, reacting instead of proacting. At this point, a Moral bedrock is exactly what you can build to avoid a living a life, you don’t know why you’re living it. To avoid a life based on vague feelings or, even worse, based on the opinions of others.

All of us have dreams, values and goals

But only a few define them. And even less persons actively pursue them. Most people are acting without being align with their values. Or worse, they aren’t even conscious about their values in life. This is the point, where a Moral bedrock can help.

What is a Moral bedrock?

A Moral bedrock is a place that collect your values and especially your moral ideology. It is the foundation of your statements & actions and holds the reasoning behind your decisions in life. In addition, it can represent the base of your goals, dreams and desires.

An inner compass

This inner compass points towards your “perfect” live. It gives you the answer to questions concerning what to do and what to avoid in life. Even better, with it you have the key to learn more about yourself.

A guide troughout your life

A Moral bedrock is a place you can take power from. Power to make decisions, especially in hard times or difficult situations. This will lower your risk to be decision fatigue, being unhappy or feeling overwhelmed. In addition, it can ease the way you are making decisions, saying no, being more mindful and reducing stress. Briefly, with a Moral bedrock you will become confident, conscious and less compulsive.

Unfortunately, a moral bedrock isn’t a gift.

It is something you have to build from scratch. It doesn’t only hold your values, it is also made out of them. Therefore, you need consciousness about your values.

YOUR values

This means you have to figure out what your values are. This doesn’t mean that you need a plan for every single moment in your life. In the beginning, all you need is a idea, a spark, a dream, a direction or however you want to call it. You have an opinion about things you already thought of and this own opinion is the first milestone in defining your values. It is the proof that you can figure out what you want. Building on this you can formulate your values. At this point you may ask, how you can define further values than the ones you are initially knowing.

Don’t worry, I got you covered.

Honesty, is the word to remember here. You need to take an honest look inside. Be completely honest about what bothers you and what makes you happy. What makes you angry and what makes you satisfied. What makes you… I think you got the idea. To help you with this, I formulated the following example questions:

> What am I passionate about?
> Which goals do I want to achieve in my life?
> What improves my mental well-being?
> What purpose do I pursue?

Although these questions are only a few examples, they can help you to become aware of your values. If you have no answers to these questions yet, don’t worry. Important at this point is, that you get the foot in the door of thinking about yourself. By doing this, you will trigger the process of self-review. Take your time to answer these questions. Relax, and figure out your individual answers. As I said: Try to be as honest as possible; you are the only one who can figure out the way you want to life.

What is relevant in your life?

What words can describe the values you want to pursue in your life? Health, Wealth or good relationships with the people most important to you? There is no right or wrong. There is only your individual approach. For me, life is mainly about having good relationships with my loved ones, contributing positively to other peoples lives and exploring the world. But also health is another big point in my life. It took some time to figure out what I want, but you can achieve it, too!

You will know what is right for you

If you feel uncertain about what you want and how to fit this into your Moral bedrock, don’t worry. You have a natural feeling of what is right or wrong for you. Trust yourself and become aware what is important to you. It will may take some time to trust yourself, but I will help you with this and other topics regarding Self-Development in the future.

After all this information: Remember, that this post is only a guide. It can’t solve your inner search for a purpose. But it can help you to define values in your life and give them a place. Values that represent your compass for tough times. Times, which you otherwise would fear.

Everything I mentioned before sounds like the bedrock is unchangeable and perfect. But the reality is that although the moral bedrock is indeed your foundation, different aspects change from time to time.

Because your life changes, too.

Don’t worry, if you see things different over time. Change is a natural process. If you chose to commit to Self-Development, you will become a friend of change after all.

Now, I want you to write a comment with your most important values in life!