A negative state of mind. We all know it. And we all know how hard it is to leave such a negative state of mind. How you can focus on something different than thinking about how you are not able to do something, how you will fail and how bad life in general is? Well, I know how hard this can be, too. Therefore, I did some research, listened to myself and wrote down 5 surefire ways how you can leave such a negative state of mind. Besides offering methods which work for single cases, there are also methods you can use to avoid whole negative thinking patterns. So, without further do, here are 5 surefire ways to leave a negative state of mind:

#1 Take action

Instead of sitting there and looking how your world falls apart, stand up and take action. Do something that needs your attention, like writing, singing or drawing. Even a few pushups or jumping jacks can help you easily to get out of a negative state of mind. Whenever you need to shift your attention on something, you do actively avoid getting stuck in negative feelings. And with doing something actively, you use this principle.

I use this too! When I get stuck in “calculating” and trying to foresee my future, I take action to actively avoid thinking negatively about upcoming scenarios. A few weeks ago, for example, I started to think negatively about an upcoming presentation in university and in which ways it could get difficult. As soon as I had recognized that this way of thinking wouldn’t help me out I stood up and did some push-ups. The thoughts were gone. Believe me, it works!

#2 Meditate

This is another great way to stop your negative feelings. Here the goal is to focus actively on the present. Focus on yourself sitting there, breathing in and breathing out. This is all you need to calm down and let your negative feelings go. Become present in the moment you are in right now, instead of thinking about the negative things in the past. Or what might happen in the future. Simply close your eyes, take deep breaths and focus only on your breathing. Pull yourself back to focus on your breathing, whenever you realize that you start to think about something else. You’ll find yourself avoiding a lot of stress and calming yourself.

#3 Become aware of your thoughts

This point is in direct correlation with the aforementioned meditation. Instead of accepting that you think in such a negative way, you can go to the root of a negative thought pattern and understand where this negative way of thinking comes from. You analyze why you feel bad every time you start thinking about something in particular.

For me, this meant starting to analyze why I became so unsure about writing, every time I imagined myself trying to do this. I wondered why there was a specific negative way of thinking connected to imagining myself writing. Without any premonition, I fell in a negative thought pattern of doubt and uncertainty, every time I tried to write. After I followed this negative thought back to its root, I discovered that I was so unsure about writing because of the words a former teacher. She was convinced that I’m not talented enough to write.

Because I believed what she said, I had doubts every time I tried to write something. This is what held me back for years. After coming to grips with myself, I realized that this negative thinking was absolutely unnecessary.

I’m convinced that you will also find some negative thought patterns reasoned by things, you would actually laugh about. Be brave enough to follow them back to their roots and understand what holds you back to do something. It will help you and create the base for the next method:

#4 Connect negative thoughts with positive thought patterns

Now, we are getting into a more difficult method of how to leave your negative state of mind. Instead of simply pushing negative thoughts away, now you now need full awareness of where your thoughts come from and what they do with you. Where they hurt, in which areas they make you feel uncertain and how you can overcome them. Instead of only getting to their root and analyzing where a negative thought comes from, now you use a trick:

I have seen this method for the first time on stevepavlina.com and it is something, I have never thought its possible: You take a negative thought, imagine yourself failing and start laughing (do this when you are alone btw). Laughing about your failure, takes away your fear to fail in such a situation. And even more important, after that you start imagining yourself being successful. How you nail a specific situation. Then, you shift the picture of how you are successful over the picture in which you are failing and connect the laughter with your conviction that you will be successful. With this trick, you have connected your negative thoughts with a positive thought pattern. In short it would look like this:

Uncertainty -> negative thought -> laughter -> positive thought -> conviction to be successful -> success

Okay now, I will explain this again with a proper example:
I struggled with talking in front of people. Imagining to hold presentations made me feel like an exploding volcano. I imagined myself struggling to find the right words. I imagined myself saying something without any meaning. Shortly said, I imagined myself failing. I was convinced that I would need natural talent, to stand in front of a few people or even crowds and state your point. Then, I stumbled across the explained method.

I was curious if this could work out. I start imagining myself how I stand in front of these people unable to say something. And it was pretty funny imagining myself how I stand there and wasn’t able to tell something. I laughed about the face I would make if I stand there, unable to say something.

A comedy soap with myself as protagonist

In the next step however, I imagined myself saying the right things, answering difficult questions and having a strong body-language. I saw myself nailing this presentation, with the perfect use of media and some interesting and insightful facts. Then, as described, I shifted the picture of myself succeeding over the picture of myself failing and every time I would have started to struggle, I automatically started to think: “Damn, this presentation will be an awesome challenge!”.

Even better, I became full of euphoria, every time I started thinking about a presentation. And now, I’m getting finer and finer with standing in front of people.
As you can see, this simple method is extremely powerful to start squashing negative thought patterns, with positive ones, fueled by your own (unknown) abilities!

#5 Shift your mindset

This is the best, but also the most difficult way, to get rid of overwhelming negative thoughts. It’s also the key to a more successful life according to your personal means. Instead of thinking negatively about failure, loss, anger fear and other negative emotions, you start to see them as an important part of your life. Failure becomes a great way to learn how you can do it better the next time. Loss becomes something uncomfortable, but still acceptable, because every end means a new beginning. And fear becomes something unnecessary, because you realize that there is nothing to fear.

Shifting your mindset includes becoming an overall more positive person, with an open and conscious mind ready to see challenges as something you need to grow. Challenges become, although still uncomfortable, your daily partner to build your better self. With this, leaving your comfort zone becomes necessary, even wanted, instead of avoided. As you may can see, this involves thinking totally different about the happening of negative things. And actually, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to see negative things happening. But more that your approach is different. Instead of seeing them as drawbacks, you see them as important steps towards a better personal future. And with doing this, you build an amazing foundation for steady growth and a happy future.

Take action yourself!

After reading this, I hope you got some insight how you can overcome a negative state of mind. With these 5 surefire ways you easily can start growing yourself and avoid seeing failures as step backs but rather as opportunities to learn. The last-mentioned point, the shift of your mindset is the best way to grow long-term. It’s the best method to avoid getting stuck in negative thought patterns, destroying your ability to express yourself properly.

This positive mindset will help you to open a lot of different doors in your life, which hide unexpected opportunities. Therefore, although the other methods are useful as well, to leave a negative state of mind, finally the last method is what I would recommend to everyone out there for becoming successful in life.

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