What is this mystical thing I write about on my blog?

Self-Development is the process of trying to become a better version of yourself. Unlike many other processes which have a scheduled beginning and end, the process of self-development is infinite. But, before you leave my blog instantly after reading the last sentence, read ahead what you can achieve if you walk on the path of self-development.

After you know what self-development means, why should you start this process?

Developing your character, behavior, appearance and many other aspects of yourself is essential to break limits in your life. No matter if these limits come from the in- or the outside, with taking yourself to the next level, you will be able to reach breakthroughs.

What do you need to begin your journey of self-development?

In the beginning the only thing you need is interest in becoming a better version of yourself. If you have this interest, you will become ambitious to learn different techniques and methods you can implement in your life. With these techniques, methods, tips and tricks I can offer you, you will make the right steps you need to improve yourself and to get more value out of your life.

All of us are individuals. Different in the sum of our believes, thoughts, traditions, cultures and other influences. Everyone has his own way and view of life, which is great. But although we are individuals, we have something in common: Everything what matters to us, is around an inner bedrock in which our thoughts, doubts, feelings, fears, believes and passions start to grow. This bedrock is made out of our values.

Values are what we need to define in our lives.

The difficulty is to think about our values as independently as possible. This means that you start asking yourself, and only yourself, what is important to you and where do you want to see yourself in the future.

What may sounds easy is one of the hardest things to find out. There are many different influences from the outside that are stopping our minds from thinking unrestricted. Because of that we are distracted from defining our “real” inner values. Actually we tend to define them per definition or opinion of other people and advertisements.

What we often don’t see is, that although it seems to work for them, it doesn’t has to work for us. In most cases we are totally different from them. In addition, most advertisements, which are influencing us, exist for only one reason: to sell, no matter whether someone need it or not.

If we determine our own individual values, we become better in defining what we want to achieve in our lives.

What I will do, at this point, is delivering you the best tools to examine what matters to you in your life and what do you want to focus on. With my posts in which I will discuss time-management, self-esteem, taking control about your own life and more, I want to help you to break the chains which are holding you back and empower you to start your individual way of living.

The more you know about yourself the better you can create and control your own life.

Yes, you have a lot to of work to do, but we all aren’t perfect. What doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t start to become better versions of ourselves to make our lives and the lives of other people better. Of course, we will come across hurdles on our path of self-development but we would also come across them in our “normal lives”. The difference here is that with self-development we see them as challenges and actively try to become better while overcoming them. By living the normal way, we try to avoid these hurdles and never will become better.

Let us start seeing this hurdles as challenges in which we can increase our self-esteem, generate knowledge and become better versions of ourselves!