In my last post, I mentioned the intrinsically influencing factors of our communication. The reasons why sometimes it seems like we have no control about our words. Why we act like we act in a conversation. With this, I wanted to empower you to question where some of your views on life came from and why they influence you. In this post, I want to explain these views, also called values, further.

Values represent one of the main influences on our daily decisions and behavior.

Understanding this, is one of the keys to a happy life. They represent something intrinsically desirable for us, which makes them an important part of our personalities.

Where do they come from?

Values aren‘t given, they are first learned and then chosen. First learned, because our caregivers and parents tell us what is right or wrong. Then chosen, because hopefully at some point in our lives, we actively start to think about them.

We can choose what we stand for.

In my opinion, one reason why values are so important in life is, because they can guide us in life. We have something to hold on to. This makes them a support in good & bad times and a priority in our lives.

Values can represent our common theme of life.

For example, for some of us the family is one of the main values. These people, see a tight connection to their family because they can give them huge support in bad and good times. In bad times, they may understand your problems and help you with them, while in good times, they support your dreams.

You can gain a lot of power from your values

They can be the reason why we leave our beds in the morning. The reason why we stand up after we fell. And the reason to be brave enough to pursue our dreams. But, why is there the word “can” so often?

Our lives are influenced by our values or the lack of them.

Yes, there is a possibility to lack values. When we don’t take our time to figure out what is important, we probably will end controlled by others. We won’t set our priorities right and let others do this. This can end in an unhappy life, reaching for the wrong goals.

This makes it even more important, to figure out what we want in our lives.

Others don’t know you. Often, they even don’t know what suits you best. You are the only persons who can figure out what is important to you. Although there are people who can help you with this (like me), in the end it is all up to you.

I believe that everyone has the power to change.

It is up to you, if you use your time and power to become aware of your current values. It is also up to you, if you start to define them. But, it will be worth it.

Consciousness is, what we need to become aware of our values and their influence. We need to question why we are doing what we do, in the way we are doing it. Is it just because someone else told us to do so? Or is it because we have actively chosen to do so?

Remember, values aren’t only main influences on our lives. They also represent the priorities in our lives. This makes them the keys to a successful and happy life. Because of that, I want to introduce you in the so-called moral bedrock, in my next post. A place where all our values are collected.

To prepare yourself, I want to ask you two things:

  1. What is your definition of values?
  2. What are your current values in life?