I already spent 7 weeks in Italy this year, but there was still another one left. After spending the last 5 weeks working in Desio, my family and me decided to go to Lago di Garda. The main reason, why we decided to make a vacation here is, that my father turned 65 during this week. Actually, we surprised him with this journey. He thought that my family is here to pick me up from a camping site.

Although Lago di Garda is famous for the many German tourists over there, I have to admit, that this was my first time here. I’ve been a lot of times in Italy (not only this year) but Lago di Garda was never on my list of visited places. Located nearby to Milan and Venice, Lago di Garda is the biggest lake of Italy and a real highlight in between the mountains.

On our first day, we visited Bartolino, which is a small town on the east-side of Lago di Garda. From Peschiera del Garda, where our hotel was, it was a 40-minute cruise by ship. In Bartolino itself, we found everything you can expect from an Italian town. Gelaterias, clothing shops, vinotecas, restaurants and amazing architecture. Strolling through the streets, we and especially the ladies, had a good time.

The next day, we went on top of Monte Baldo. Also located on the east-side of Lago di Garda it is easy to reach through a one hour car ride. There arrived, we took the cablecar to reach the top. Within a few minutes we were able to enjoy a stunning view! Right beneath us, the lake with its small boats and above us the sky with all the airplanes. In the distance, we saw the mountains of the Alps and even some snowy peaks. Enjoying the fresh air and cool breeze, we stayed until we got hungry and went back down to the lakefront.

On our third day, the birthday of my father, we spontaneously went to Venice for a day-trip. Although, we could have explored Venice completely by foot, we decided to do it the Venetian way. By Gondola. With a big smile in his face, my father (and we) obviously enjoyed exploring all fascinating aspects of Venice by boat. We floated through small canals, waved to other guys, and had a really good time in the Gondola.

Something fascinating about Venice was, that we didn’t know what could wait for us around the next corner. We had no idea, if there is a new Gondola, a colorful house or a bridge with people shooting pictures on top of it. Of course, we even saw wedding couples and singing Gondoliers.

After all this excitement and new experiences, we lost any feeling of time and missed our chance to have a dinner in a restaurant. So, we ended my fathers birthday picknicking in our car next to the parking lot, which made the whole day even more special.

As I mentioned, Lago di Garda is perfectly located to reach bigger cities in the near environment. From here it is about 90 minutes to Venice/Milan or 30 minutes to Verona. But even cities, like Monza, Pisa, Florence and Bolzano are only a short car ride away. That’s one of the reasons, why you can’t get bored here. If you decide that hanging out on the Lake is to basic, you can go to one of these cities or the mountains and you will have a whole different experience.

Even if you decide to stay at the Lake, you can do a lot of different things. Like at Lake Como, here you can do all kinds of sports activities. For example, I decided to go for a run a few times and did some of my workout routines outdoors. But, don’t worry, you can get comfortable here, too! Taking a drink in one of the bars or cafes or just relaxing by the water, you have the choice. Also, typical sightseeing stuff is available here, and there is even an amusement park called Gardaland.

In the end, we spent some lovely days here. We saw and did a lot and would recommend Lago di Garda to everyone out there!

Now, I want you to tell me, what your favorite Lake is and what makes it so special?