As you probably already know, I was in Desio, Italy for 5 weeks, because of a project of my company. Located in the north of Italy, it isn’t far from Milano. After visiting different other cities like Como & Monza in the last weeks, I wanted to visit the highlight at the end of my stay here. Milano. As home of the luxury fashion retailers, fashionweek, many bars & restaurants and former home of the king of Italy, it is a historical, modern and well-dressed city at the same time.

A few years ago, I visited Milano for a day, on my way back to home from a family trip to Sardinia. I remember, that I hadn’t much positive thoughts about this city. I thought it was loud, dirty and grey. But in comparison to now, back then, I didn’t have the deep appreciation of style and architecture (and travel in general). Only because it is the biggest city in the near environment of Desio I wanted to give it a second chance.

I’m glad I visited it again

First, yes, Milano is a fashion metropolis. It is one of the cities in the world which define what society should wear. And you can see this. The people here know how to dress. I was there a few times during my stay here (also during fashionweek) and everytime I saw a lot of well-dressed people. It is like you have to be well-dressed in order to become a Milanese.

Talking about fashion…

Here, you can make all your shopping dreams come true. Luxury retailers like Gucci, Prada, Versace, Armani and Co offer more than just one shop each. Also, “normal” retailers like Zara, H&M, Intimissimi and the other ones have a lot of different shops here. Although, I mentioned this before in my post about Monza, in Italy every little city seems to have the full array of stores, in Milano you will find the flagship stores.

Here is, where trends are made

Milano is together with Paris and London one of the three leading fashion cities in Europe and you will definitely see it. But, despite all the fashion stuff, Milano has a lot more to offer. Right in the center, you have Vittorio Emanuele. The famous gallery, named after a former king, is home of Versace and Prada stores and famous cafes. Also, right next to it, you will find Il Duomo.

The symbol of Milano

The old cathedral is a stunning building, which was built in about 500 years. It is the pride of all Milanese people. As typical sight, there a lot of tourists, who want to go inside. Once I came on a Saturday morning to take some pictures. At 8:00am there were always crowds of people, trying to get in. With the last supper, the famous painting of Da Vinci, it is the same. If you want to have a look at it, make sure to prebook your tickets a few weeks ago, especially for a weekend visit.

After visiting all the obvious sightseeing stuff, a colleague took me to the less-known corners of Milano. One of them was Naviglio. It is an old quarter in which once was the port of Milano. A few hundred years ago, Milano looked similar to Venice, even though you can’t imagine this today. But, Milano was famous for its steel companies, too. The workers who worked in these companies lived in Naviglio because of the cheap flats over there.

Nowadays, things are a bit different. This quarter is now famous for its happy hours. Here, you will find bars for every style and taste. Dining here is also no problem. But it isn’t only the bar & restaurant quarter of Milano. Here you will find a lot of galleries and ateliers, too. Many artists get inspired from the ever-flowing amount of people from all over the world. And as result they present their artworks in beautiful hidden places.

It is the Dolce Vita quarter of Milano

If you want to go there, make sure that you won’t come before at least 07:30pm because the Italians tend to go out late. However, here you definitely will have some good time with your friends, enjoying drinks and listen to music.

In the end, I will miss you Milano. Although we had some misunderstandings during our first meetings, I learned to appreciate you. With all your old buildings, the well-dressed people and all these fashion retailers, you will set the trends in style for many more years. Hopefully, someday I will come back and be one of the fashion- and style-gurus who contribute to your pleasing look.

After all this love for Milano, there is one thing I want to add. While I was walking through the streets, I stumbled across a restaurant called Soulgreen. Everybody, who follows me on Instagram knows what comes next.

Soulgreen was an absolute stunner. As plant-based restaurant all dishes are vegan. And I promise you, here, nobody will be disappointed. As I said, I wrote a review about Soulgreen. Check it out to learn something about one of the nicest restaurants I’ve ever been to!