Another week, another city! Last weekend it was time to visit Monza. Home of the famous Formula One racing circuit and an impressing park, the little city of Monza is located in the north of Milan.

Exactly 10 mins from Desio by train away, Monza is super easy reachable. From the train station of Monza you have to walk another 10 mins to come to the city center. Unless you take the wrong way (like me) and walk away from Monza! After I recognized that I had almost left Monza I went back to the station and from there to the old city center.

There, you see a lot of old buildings, Il Duomo de Monza, different churches and clothing stores. To be honest, I didn’t expect that in Italy, almost any little city has the full array of clothing stores. In Germany, where I come from, it is more common that only the big cities have fancy stories. But in general, the Italians have better feeling for dressing amazingly!
In the old city center itself, you can spend a good amount of time shopping for new clothes, drinking one of the excellent Italian coffees or appreciating the old Italian architecture.

But besides all the good stuff and the nice old buildings there, the old city center isn’t the real highlight of Monza. It is the park. The park of Monza is home of the famous racing circuit. But besides that, you can find almost anything in there! From a swimming pool, a golf court, tennis courts, museums, old buildings, running and biking tracks, a lake and so on. The list of activities you can do there is even longer! No matter, what you want to do, you can do it here! Yoga lessons, biking, running, inline-skating, having a picnic and you can even marry here!

Park of Monza, the real highlight

Especially marrying here is a popular thing. From everywhere around Italy (or the world) people come here to marry in the Villa Reale. It is an amazing old building, remarkable Italian architecture and it provides enough space for a lot of people.

Is this your dream destination?

Like the New Yorkers go to the Central Park to relax, the Milanese people go to the Park of Monza to spend some quality time with their loved ones. But although there are a lot of people, you will still find a calm place just because this park is huge.

With huge, I mean huge

Something, you probably didn’t know is, that the park of Monza is 2.5 times bigger than the Central Park in New York. Yes, you read, right! 2.5 times! This makes it probably the biggest walled park in Europe and an incredible place to relax and recharge your batteries. No wonder, I spent several hours over here, picnicking, biking and enjoying the early Fall in northern Italy. For me, the park is the real highlight of Monza. You will love the wide area of green, with all its hidden places, for sure. Even better, if some friends join you to spend some lovely afternoons hanging out on these greens.

In the end, Monza and especially the Park of Monza are some highlights in the near environment of Milan. Take your time to spend one afternoon in this lovely park and you will feel a lot calmer. This place offer something for everyone and is for sure some of the nicest places I’ve seen so far! Especially, if you are stressed of rushing Milan, Monza is the perfect place to calm down, spend some lovely hours and enjoy being so close to nature. If you want to feel the rush, make sure to visit the racing circuit. There, you will see a lot of fast supercars, even if there’s no Formula One race!