To be honest, I heard of Naples’ dirtiness before but I had no clue! I thought that after Rome nothing can shock me. In Rome the streets are already full of garbage in some areas, although the trash trucks collect it every night. But I had no idea, that Naples is even worse.

And there I was, in the beautiful and totally trashed Naples.

The streets in downtown and in the city itself were almost full of garbage, thrown out by tourists and inhabitants. In some areas almost the whole ground was filled with trash.

But at least, the promenade was cleaner.

The promenade is the area with the most tourists and therefore the spot which enjoys some special care.
I know, until know it doesn’t sound like you should visit Naples, but there are good parts too! However, Naples’ trash problem is worth mentioning for all aspiring visitors.

You can help to avoid more trash. Take your trash with you and avoid dropping it on the streets.

Now, let us talk about the good things.

Naples is a perfect transportation hub. There are ferries, trains and busses to get to places like Mount Vesuvius, Procida, Ischia, Capri, Sorrento, Pompeii, Sardinia, Corse, Bari and many others. It has a big central train station, an airport and a harbor. You can also rent a car and create your own road trip along the Amalfi Coast, starting here.

But there is more to explore in Naples. It offers great cultural opportunities like old castles, fresh and tasty food, beautiful seaside areas and coffee.

Especially coffee is a big thing here.

You can check out different kinds of cafes and coffee variations at every corner. The best: they are absolutely affordable, with around 1€ per cup. My special recommendation is the Gran Caffe Gambrinus where you can drink an outstanding coffee (or tea) and enjoy one of the best sweet pastries in town.

Even Angela Merkel drank one cup of coffee here!

By the way, the mentioned pastries are another specialty. You can get these everywhere in Naples. No matter, if filled with Nutella, cream, chocolate, orange mouse or something whole different. Let’s be said that you should invest a bit more money. Avoid that low cost crap that you also could get in an Aldi.

The biggest thing in Naples is frying. The Neapolitans fry almost anything. Vegetables, fish, pork, chicken and even pizza! Yes, you read right, they fry pizza. And it is a recommendation of me!

With frying it, they reinvented pizza.

Why reinventing? Because the Neapolitans claim that they invented the pizza a few hundred years ago.
If you believe me or not, the fried pizza tastes actually good and isn’t as fatty as you would expect. The traditional filling is Provola (a cream cheese), mozzarella and salami but you can choose almost whatever you want. I had one with plain tomato sauce and it was quite good. Take care while eating it. The filling is very hot!

Mount Vesuvius located around 30km away, is a must-see if you are in Naples or at the Amalfi Coast. It is an active volcano and if this only isn’t exciting enough you can even climb it.

Enjoy a spectacular view from the top of a volcano!

On the one side, you can see in the crater and on the other side you see the beautiful Amalfi Coast and the gulf of Naples. To reach this spectacular volcano I took the train line circumvesuviana from Naples. Arrived in Ercolano there is a bus transfer right to the foot of Mount Vesuvius. From there I walked at the top in around 20-30 minutes. It is definitely worth a visit. Unfortunately, my time in Naples was limited and I couldn’t visit the ruins of Pompeii. Pompeii, once a big city at the foot of Mount Vesuvius got buried under lava and ash in the year 79. Today, you can visit these old ruins or watch the movie.

Something, I missed too was visiting one of the islands in the gulf of Naples. Besides Capri, probably the most-known of the islands, there is Procida, Ischia and other smaller ones. If you want to visit them, make sure to plan at least one day to see the crystal-clear water and small fishermen villages with trattorias and gelaterias.

Back in Naples you can enjoy the Neapolitan feeling

In the city you can see traditional basilicas and cathedrals you know from Rome, Florence or Venice. There also skyscrapers in downtown which look like from a sci-fi movie of the 80s completing the interesting mix of this city. If you are interested in taking photos of destroyed buildings and production sites or demolished train wagons make sure to check out the suburbs of Naples.

On the roofs of Naples

In Naples, you should keep an eye on your belongings. Although I didn’t make a bad experience, I often heard about pickpockets. Keep your belongings next to you and always take a look at them. Especially in small alleys, you shouldn’t stay longer as necessary. Often, they are a bit sinister with almost nobody around. These are the perfects spots to get robbed, if you aren’t careful.

Famous sight of Naples

In the end Naples is worth visit if you are at the Amalfi Coast, because of its awesome traditional and cultural aspects it can offer. But in this context, you also have to mention that Naples is incredibly dirty and hands down a city shaped by industry and tourism. Besides that, it is one of the best hubs in the south of Italy to get almost everywhere and the near environment offers many highlights.

What is your experience of Naples after you read my post?
Would you make vacation there or prefer something else?
Give me your opinions in the comment section down below.