2017 was my year of traveling and working in Italy. I was in La Spezia, Rome, Naples, Milan, Desio, Monza and at Lake Como & Lake Garda. The only exception of making 2017 my Italy-only year was Paris in August. With this and my bachelor thesis in mind, I recently started thinking about my travel destinations for 2018:


The first mention is something I will definitely do! Because of the yearly football tournament of my company, I have the chance to visit Lisbon at the beginning of June. Back in 2016, before I had this blog, I visited Lisbon with a friend. I was fascinated of the steep hills, the Christ statue and the Golden Gate Bridge look-a-like. We spent amazing 3 days over there and broke our personal records with walking 25km in one day! Only because we couldn’t get enough of this vibrant city. Therfore, I am looking forward to coming back there in June 2018 and share my unfiltered second-time impressions of the capital of Portugal afterwards!

Two short vacations

Now, things get a bit blurry. In addition, to my visit in Lisbon I want to do two short vacations at the beginning and at the end of my bachelor thesis. This means, I look for something beautiful in winter in the middle of February for around 4 days and something interesting and warm at the end of April. Probably this two short vacations will take place in cities, because of the short amount of time I can spend there. Possible I thought of are: Vienna, Prague or Frankfurt for winter and Luxembourg, Brussels or Hamburg for the end of April. Depending on how my bachelor thesis will work out I have more or less days available at the end of April. In addition, I hope to spend at least one of these two short vacations with Dome because we ever wanted to go somewhere together and have great ideas for taking pictures.

One long summer vacation

To gift myself, I want to do one long summer vacation after my last semester in university. After I have finished my last written exams, I want to relax and take some time off, before I start working again. This means at the end of July and for around 2-3 weeks I want to travel somewhere fancy.
Right now, I have several ideas where to go and what to do, but nothing is fixed yet. Therefore, I may change some of my plans spontaneously over the course of the next months. Despite that here are my current considerations: Scandinavia (especially Sweden), La Palma, or Morocco.

Something tropical aka South-East Asia or Central America

Although I don’t know an exact place, it is fixed that I will do something special. After I finished my whole dual study programe, I want to travel somewhere tropical to relax one more time and leave the stress of three years working and studying behind. Right now, are either South-East Asia or Central America the most appealing choices to me. Their tropical climate, cheap prices and beautiful nature sceneries, is what gets me. But, nevertheless it is almost one year ahead, which means that can change a lot until then. No matter what I will choose, I definitely want to go somewhere tropical because my last tropical vacation is 2 ½ years ago and I crave badly for palm trees, sandy beaches and tasty exotic food!

After telling you my travel plans for 2018, I want you to do two things:
1. Tell me your travel plans for 2018
2. Give me some suggestions for where I should go next year

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  • Julia says:

    Oh wow your travel plans sound awesome! I think I’m heading to Hawaii in 2018, that’s one of my favourite places in the world and definitely somewhere I’d recommend everyone go to.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    • timjulians says:

      Hey Julia!

      Thanks! So, do you have been to Hawaii before or will this be your first time? Haiwaii is super amazing, I definitely have to go there too in the future!

  • Stacey says:

    Your travel plans sound awesome, I would recommend Guatemala or Nicaragua in Central America having spent 3 month in CA last year these were the stand out Countries, or Thailand in SE Asia, Island hopping to temples it has it all 🙂 enjoy wherever you end up going.

    • timjulians says:

      Hey Stacey,

      thanks for your response and suggestions. Right now, my chances to visit Asia this year are looking pretty good and I will remember your words. Nevertheless, there is still much time left and nobody knows what can happen 🙂
      I hope you had an amazing start in the new year and wish you another exciting year full of travel and beautiful memories!