After visiting Italy in June this year, I wanted to give France a shot. Paris, one of the best-known metropolises of the world and the city of love should be my next stop.

I asked a friend of mine to come along with me and she agreed. So, we booked the next TGV from Stuttgart to Paris and … waited. Like almost always, there were problems with the train connections. But already in holiday-mode we didn’t worry and took our train to Paris.

We arrived with a delay of 1 hour in our apartment, located in the east of Paris. It was a charming little spot, right next to Parc de Belleville and with a good public transport connection.

The next day we took the typical touristic approach in Paris. We went to the city, more exactly to the Arch of Triumph, climbed the stairs and were rewarded with a nice view from up there. The 360° panorama of Paris and Champs Elysees is stunning and if you are a European citizen aged between 18 and 26 you won’t have to pay anything for this and other attractions like the famous Louvre!

After we enjoyed this view, we decided to take our view to the next level:

Eiffel Tower – Monument of Paris

Although the Eiffel Tower is very touristic, it is a must see while you are in Paris. If one monument could represent the pride of the French, it would be the Eiffel Tower. It is such a massive construct made of steel, standing in the center of the city and overlooking the majority of it. In reality, it is even more impressing as in pictures.

The view up there is even better

If you are as sporty as we were, take the stairs to visit level one with a restaurant and then level two with an already nice view. From there you need to take the elevator to come to the observation deck at the top, which offers surely one of the best views you have ever seen.

On Friday, we wanted to experience a little more of the culture of Paris and decided to go to the Louvre. The Louvre, the most famous art museum on the planet, is an amazing combination between the modern style with its glass pyramid and the old style with its main building. Stuffed with the most famous art on earth you can expect a lot to see.

Mona Lisa, Winged Victory of Samothrace and more

After we had explored the famous paintings & sculptures in there, Notre Dame was our next station. With our feet’s tired, because of the amount of walking we aren’t used to, we finally arrived at well-known Notre Dame. But unfortunately, we missed the opening times! At least we enjoyed the place in front of Notre Dame with a spectacular view on the old cathedral.

Saturday, we decided to visit Sacre Coeur and Marais, the jewish quarter of Paris. Sacre Coeur is located on a hill in the middle of Paris. We felt sporty and took the 300 stairs to the top. From there you can enjoy an(other) amazing view over Paris.

Then, we decided to get lost in the streets experiencing the French atmosphere with all the smells of crepes, baguettes and fresh coffees. We came across the Moulin Rouge and slowed down in a lovely coffee enjoying the warm summer sun.

Later, we visited the jewish quarter and I ate a traditional falafel topped with tahini, before we finally went back, tired of all the steps we took.

Sunday, the last day of our trip to Paris, we were lazy. We went to a café and felt the french atmosphere one last time before we headed back to Stuttgart.

Like Rome, Paris offers many sights and beautiful spots to discover. Therefore, you should take some serious walking shoes with you. In addition, you can easily get lost in the streets and find yourself wandering through the nice little streets. With doing this, you will be able to soak up more of this beautiful french atmosphere. And if you are into shopping, Paris will satisfy you! There are shops for everything, no matter if you choose the little designer, the big retailer, something cheap or expensive.

In the end, we spend lovely 4 days in Paris and would recommend visiting the french capital to everyone.

Merci Paris. Au revoir.