After some breathtaking days in La Spezia, where I enjoyed the view and the seaside experience I had no clue that Rome is even more exciting. Although, in a whole different way.

I had a little AirBnB-room in the east of the city, easy to reach by public transport. The first day I decided to take a look at an old park in the near environment, where I saw some of the old and famous ruins of ancient Roman buildings. It was the first taste of the cultural hotspot Rome while I was wandering through this ruins, feeling the summer sun on my skin and enjoying life.

Later on, I wanted to explore more of Rome and decided to go downtown. Already dark outside, I wandered through Rome without any plan.

In one moment you are alone, in the next you are surrounded by people.

I never had such an experience before. In one small alley you are all alone and don’t hear anything of the big city around you. In the next one, you are surrounded by tourists, travellers, inhabitants and many other people, hear all the noise and feel the vibrance of this city.

After I had walked without any plan for about one hour, I arrived at the Travi Fountain.The famous fountain at which you can make a wish while you are throwing a coin into the basin. Especially at night, it was a beautiful place full of harmony, although it was crowded. While I was enjoying the sound of rippling water I threw a coin into the basin and made a wish by myself.


It is something I learned while taking photos in Rome. You will need some of it to get the picture you desire. No matter at which sight you are. Better be patient to get your perfect shot.

The next day I decided to take a look at the famous sights like the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, the national museum and everything nearby. I was blown away, what on the one hand the old romans were able to build and on the other hand what the modern Italians has built. Especially the harmony between modern and old buildings is astonishing.

Not only the buildings but also Romes culture is incredible. With the old ruins of the Romans and its Mediterranean flair it is perfect to enjoy some warm summer evenings. Wine, pizza & pasta, some music and the beautiful view is, what makes spending a few days in this city absolutely worth it. Make sure, to take your time to fully experience the flair of this city. Don’t stress yourself to see all sightseeing spots.

In Rome, there is a small and beautiful mystery behind every corner.

Be prepared to bring comfortable shoes with you if you want to see more of Rome. You will walk. A lot. Especially if you are like me and want to check out the little details that lay right around the next corner. You will blow up the step counter of your smartphone. I walked around 10km each day!

Your step counter will show such high numbers because, Rome is a city where you can find one nice spot after another. It is easy to lose any feeling of time and space. This means that you could probably miss the next tram or bus or another appointment you have arranged. But sometimes it is awesome to follow your inner child and be amazed about anything you see along the way. You won’t be disappointed if you don’t have a plan and just start walking through the city. I promise.

Sadly, because Rome is full of tourists, you will see a lot of trash laying on the streets. In my opinion, all of this trash harms not only the atmosphere, but also the environment. So please make sure, to throw your trash in a bin or take it with you instead of leaving it somewhere.

Let us keep Rome as beautiful as it is.

If you want to take the metro, tram or a bus you should like cuddling. Especially in summer they are crowded with people. This means that you will stand shoulder to shoulder with strangers that may touch some strange areas of your body. An you also have no choice what to touch or not to touch of their bodies. Unfortunately, the temperature will increase with the huge number of people in the bus, too. This can make a bus ride to the next spot a torture.

In the worst case it can destroy your whole outfit for your next Instagram shot or the gear you need to take pictures or vlog. Be prepared and bring a bag with you to put all your essential belongings in. Take them out again once you left public transport.

Because of Romes diversity you will discover other cultures as well as the Roman/Italian culture. You will see Indian, Pakistani, Israeli, Englishmen, Scots, Irish and many more other people and cultures. The best: You can easily discover them in restaurants or just by meeting them in person on the street.

This cultural diversity with a strong Italian tradition at its roots even increases my sympathy for Rome.

My final verdict about Rome is that it is a beautiful, vibrant, culturally highly-interesting and in some cases, dirty and crowded city. It is a must-see for everyone and someday I will come back. Nevertheless, here you should take care of your belongings and avoid spooky areas. In addition, bring some good trainers and endurance with you, to discover the beautiful spots in Rome.

Depending on how do you spend your vacation you may be a bit stressed and need another place to relax. Whether it is the almost inevitable siren of the ambulance or the loud discussions of Italians on the streets. You will always have some background noise. But besides that, its beautiful buildings and this sea of cultural impressions you will experience are absolutely worth it.

My favorite spots I think you should visit: National Museum, Roman Forum, Colosseum & Trevi Fountain.

But there is a lot more you should visit.

Have you ever been to Rome?
What was your favorite spot or what do you especially want to see when you will go to Rome?