Are there rules for traveling solo? According to me, there are 3 simple rules to travel the world on your own. Totally independent from any location you want to explore, these 3 tips will help you to enjoy what you see and meet amazing guys along your way.

Last year, I traveled solo for the first time in my life. I interrailed through Italy, saw cities like Monza, Milan, La Spezia and the famous Cinque Terre. I went to places like Il Duomo, Il Colosseo and the home of the pope. Besides that these all were amazing and remarkable experiences I learned 3 simple rules for traveling solo:

#1 Be spontaneously

It’s fine to have plans and attractions you want to see. I guess you wouldn’t go somewhere else, just to hang out there and do nothing. Therefore, it’s no problem to have ideas where to go. But when you travel alone, you should be spontaneously. Why? Just because you will have a lot more fun. In La Spezia, last year I spontaneously strolled through the city with two Canadian girls, although I hadn’t any plan to do this.

The spontaneous moments are the most precious ones

Every time you do something totally unexpected you will have a lot of fun. I promise that you won’t regret doing something spontaneously. No matter if it is eating Pizza with the family of a colleague, strolling through the night of La Spezia with two Canadian girls or relaxing on a rooftop in Naples.

#2 Stay safe

Keep your eyes open. Don’t be scared of foreign places or people that don’t speak your language. But stay safe. Inform yourself at least a bit before heading to places you can’t spell. Also, have an eye on your belongings. Avoid a lot of trouble and high expenses with only a little bit of extra effort. Look out for strange-looking people who may want to steal your stuff.

I didn’t make a negative experience with robbing, but I heard of several other guys in hostels that got robbed. Sure, you shouldn’t expect the worst to happen, but it doesn’t hurt to simple have an eye on your belongings and lock them every time you take a shower for example.

If you have the chance to hang out with a local, do it. Locals always have amazing insider information about a certain place and they can help you to avoid a lot of unexpected trouble. In addition, they can become friends for life. What a win-win situation!

#3 Be open

It’s amazing what can happen, when you are open to new things! In comparison to being spontaneously, being open means that you may sleep with another person in a room to save some money. Because saving some money means traveling longer. Be open means also that you talk to strangers and look forward to creating some connections with people you just met.

You can never know what will happen, or what amazing persons are just too shy to talk to you. During my solo travels, I unexpectedly had some amazing conversations with people I didn’t know before. There was the older guy in the high-speed train in Italy or the guys from Australia in the Hostel in Naples. There are so many friendly souls out there, it would be a bummer, when you didn’t use your chance to meet them!

Let’s be open & spontaneously, while staying safe!

After telling you three simple rules that would have been nice to know before I started traveling solo, I hope that they help you too!

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  • Becca says:

    There are really things that happened unexpectedly even we already planned it.
    Nice rules! I keep it that in mind.
    Planning to have a solo travel this year!

    • timjulians says:

      Hey Becca,

      thanks for stepping by! You’re absolutely right, I whitness this every time I “plan” something. Still, I would say that the more open you are to new things, the more opportunities will come to you. Day by day.
      I wish you all the best and a lot of fun during your solo travel(s) 🙂 Where do you want to go?