This isn’t a sponsored review for Soulgreen or anything like that (although I wish it was). As I explained in my post about Milano, I stumbled across this lovely restaurant while walking through the streets of Milano. Because I’m a vegan and a big fan of minimal interior design I was convinced that I have to give it a shot.

So, here’s my review about Soulgreen

The plant-based restaurant Soulgreen isn’t far away from the sustainable quarter of Milano, called Porta Nuova. In this quarter, you will find new and sustainable buildings and a plaza with bars and restaurants. It makes the perfect surroundings for Soulgreen, a green restaurant ready for the future. After stumbling across this restaurant, I decided to end my day in Milano with something special. I wanted to treat myself.

Well, this was more as a treat

The first thing you will notice, while walking in, is the symbiosis of plants and modern architecture. In there, you will find a lot of green making the atmosphere calmer and giving you a good feeling. Also, there are some concrete and wooden elements harmonizing perfectly with the plants. As I mentioned it in my Instagram story back then, I want to give the designers here a big shoutout, because you instantly will feel calm and comfortable in here.

Water is life, water is free

Because the owners think, that water is an essential part of life, it is provided completely free. Right after you have answered the question “Still, medium or still & cool?”, you’ll get your water delivered to your place. After I got my still water, I wanted to take a look into the menu, but all I got was a Samsung tablet.

Welcome to the (green) future!

Another specialty about Soulgreen is, that you order with a tablet. You choose, what you want to eat and drink and place the order with the tablet laying at the table. This works without problems, although you might need some minutes to get used to. Another neat thing if you run out of battery: You have some cables right at the table to charge your device while dining.

Ordering is easy as pie

I decided to go for a Black Med burger, made of black chickpeas, sundried tomatoes and Mediterannean herbs. It was accompanied with potatoes, bun, salad and amazing, fruity tasting sauce. On top of the burger, you’ll find a cream made of eggplants, giving it the last few percent.

The food itself was arranged classy on the plate with some garnish. Now, the question was, if it tastes as good as the plate and the restaurant looks like. And it did! The potatoes were cross on the outside and soft on the inside and the Black Med burger was a dream. The combination of these Mediterannean ingredients and eggplant cream was a perfect match. So, in regards of food and interior, it is definitely worth a visit! I guess, everybody will find something tasty to eat here.

Something, I have to mention, is that you will probably need 2 portions or at least an additional dessert when you are very hungry. Also, you will spend some money here, because you pay for the whole package.

It is worth it!

To complete my evening there I went for a coconut coffee. It tasted as amazing as it sounds and was probably one of the best coffees I’ve ever drank. The subtle taste of coconut was the refreshing flavor I needed. It is difficult to describe how the coffee and coconut flavor melted into each other, but it was a delicious experience.

Finally, I have to give a big shoutout for this restaurant and although this is my first review, I’m absolutely convinced of this restaurant. The staff was friendly, the food was amazing and the interior was a real stunner. It was the best plant-based restaurant experience of my life so far, with amazing food and an all-topping interior design! I missed nothing and would go there again without hesitating.