Travel, one of the trends of our time, often isn’t what it could be:

The exploration of the world AND ourselves.

I always was interested in different cultures and because of my parents background I were told, that travelling is perfect to get to know new things and gain important experiences for life, since my childhood. After some journeys, I recognized that apart from getting to know new people and new cultures there is especially one thing you can experience while travelling: Learning more about yourself.

In my opinion, travelling is one of the best options to learn more about yourself. You automatically will start to think about what matters to you most. Why? Because you create a distance between your daily life and yourself. In addition, you leave your stress and other unnecessary things behind.

When you are open you can learn a lot from foreign people and cultures.

Caused by letting unnecessary things behind, in our journeys, we aren’t stressed, disrupted or distracted and our minds aren’t overloaded. There are no deadlines and negative thoughts and we all are able to enjoy a cup of coffee, a nice sunset or just the sound of waves. Even more important, without any distractions and disruptions we get the opportunity to think uncluttered and this means we can listen to ourselves to find out what we want.

Unfortunately, often these positive aspects are only relevant for the time we are on our journeys. They don’t last long after we came back into our daily lives. There arrived, we can’t take a step back to get a different point of view on our problems. We are always forced to juggle many things at a time.

This means most of the time we can’t get into this inner state of calmness to start asking the important questions.

We can’t concentrate on the essential things and be who we want to be. This fallback into our old patterns of stress, anxiety, fear and the inability to enjoy little things, causes dissatisfaction with our lives and dreaming of the next vacation.

Did you ever asked yourself why the lack of long-term inner balance is a problem although we make several vacations per year?  I will give you this answer at the end of this text, but first also ask yourself the following questions:

Isn’t it wrong to only look for a journey to forget about the negative things in our daily lives? Shouldn’t we use a journey to explore ourselves, learn something about us and, empowered by our gained knowledge about us, improve our daily lives accordingly?

We try to get time for everything and everyone but for the most important person in our lives – ourselves – we don’t get enough time.

To give you the answer to my above asked “Why?” question:

The problem isn’t about the journey wasn’t pleasing enough. The problem is about our inner attitude. We expect that this journey will fix all of our problems, just because we are forgetting them while we are on vacation.

There is no instant fix for our daily problems, fears and anxieties.

Often journeys are only a distraction from these things. The advantage journeys and vacations can offer, and we can use is, that with the created distance from our daily lives and the calmness we experience, we get the tools to change things. Using these tools correctly to make them affect our daily lives positively is where things get difficult. This means just by going on vacation a few times per year, you won’t fix our inner problems. Although we love the experiences we make during this vacations. Instead of only hoping for an improved life once we came back, we can use our increased self-sensibility to listen to ourselves. With this we can find out what we really want in our daily lives.

This power to change things to the better, we can achieve through our journeys and vacations, is another important reason why I’m so excited about travel and its connection to self-development.

To sum it up, with the travel section of this blog I want to give you the excitement about little things back with travel experiences, tips and tricks from my journeys around the world.
But even more important: I want you to start two journeys:

One journey to discover and develop yourself and the other journey to discover which beautiful places our earth can offer.